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hobnail vases

Posted on June 1, 2021

This project is the perfect piece to add to your home decor – we’re obsessed with it. We were thinking it would be cute in a bathroom to hold cotton balls or q-tips, on a desk to hold pencils, or on any shelf as a cute trinket. You can change the shape of your vase and paint it to match any space!


  • Glass vase/container of your choice
  • Pearl adhesive gems
  • Spray paint

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Step 1: Gather and ready your materials

Decide what pattern you will be making on your vase.

Step 2: Remove any stickers.

You can use a heat gun or hot water and soap.

place your heart on the canvas

Step 3: Begin placing the pearls on the glass in your pattern.

We did staggered rows. If your pearl stickers are like the ones we used, they will be in a row of adhesive and you will have to pull them apart. This will leave adhesive sticking out from under the pearl. You will want to pull or cut off the excess (if you don’t, you’ll see it later).

Step 4: Keep placing the pearls on your glass

Make sure to stay with your pattern. Once you’re done placing the pearls, make sure they’re all stuck on really well.


Step 5: Spray paint the glass vase

 Make sure you completely cover it. We didn’t spray the inside and you can see the backside of the stickers. It didn’t bother us, but if you’re particular you might want to spray the inside too. 


Step 6: Enjoy

Once it’s dry, enjoy your decor! You could leave this sitting on a shelf, or use it as a holder for pencils, cotton balls, etc.


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