Getting Started

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There’s a lot of info on this page! Here’s your guide through it. Clicking one of the links below will take you to that particular part of the page.

Congratulations! You’re engaged! 

Now what? Well that’s easy! Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get this party started. There a few tricky questions, but if you keep reading through all the info on this page you should have a better understanding of how to answer. If you have questions, email me at and I’ll be happy to talk you through it. Once all of the nitty gritty details are in hand, you will be emailed a proposal that includes everything you included in your responses.

Ready, Set, Start!

After you’ve reviewed your initial project estimate and all of your questions have been answered, your stamp of approval will get the ball rolling. Upon approving the proposal, you will be directed to a contract to sign online and an invoice for 50% of the total. Once the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, you’ll get some homework to complete including a wording and style questionnaire.

Until it’s perfect…

Once all the homework is submitted, you will receive electronic proofs via email within 10 business days. The proofing period usually takes between 1-3 weeks, depending on the number of revisions. Once everything is perfect and you have given two thumbs up on each piece, you’ll get an invoice for the remainder of the project total. Once that’s paid, the production phase can begin.

the fun part.

Printing and assembling can take from 2-4 weeks, depending on your order and the services you may have added. Each piece is professionally printed and assembled by hand with care and detail. All that’s left for you to do at this point is relax and schedule a much deserved mani/pedi until your invitations are finished.

party time!

YAY! Everything is finished and ready to be handed over. You may arrange a pick-up time for your invitations, or have them shipped.  If you opted out of stamping, stuffing and/or addressing services, it’s your turn to put on the finishing touches, get them in the mail and wait for those responses! At this point we may also start day-of projects. 

  1. 7-12 MO. BEFOREBEGIN SAVE THE DATES. Save the dates should be mailed 6-8 months before your wedding date (sooner if it’s a destination wedding or if lots of your guests will be traveling to your location). Allow 3-4 weeks for design and printing. If your save the dates will be letterpress or foil stamped, allow 4-6 weeks. Don’t forget to leave yourself enough time to write your addresses if you are not ordering printed envelopes (although envelope printing is 100% recommended). 
  2. 3-5 MO. BEFOREBEGIN INVITATIONS. Invitations should be mailed approximately 8 weeks before your wedding date (sooner if it’s a destination wedding or if lots of your guests will be traveling to your location). Allow 6-8 weeks for design and printing. If your invitations will be letterpress or foil stamped, allow 8-10 weeks. Don’t forget to leave yourself enough time to write your addresses if you are not ordering printed envelopes (although envelope printing is 100% recommended).
  3. 0-12 MO. BEFOREBEGIN THANK YOU NOTES. It is courteous for a thank you note to be sent within 2-3 weeks of receiving the gift. It is my suggestion to order thank you notes at the same time as the invitations so that they can be on hand when you need them. Getting as many out of the way as possible before the wedding will be very helpful to you as you start your busy (married) life!
  4. 3+ MO. BEFOREBEGIN VARIOUS ASSOCIATED EVENT INVITATIONS. Invitations for events like rehearsal dinners, bridal brunches, welcome parties, etc. should be sent about 4 weeks before the event. Allow 2-3 weeks for design and printing, more if you opt for letterpress or foil stamping. 
  5. 1-2 MO. BEFOREBEGIN DAY-OF STATIONERY. Day-of items like seating charts and place cards are typically designed after the responses have been collected. However, day-of items like programs should be done as soon as your ceremony is finalized. In order to avoid rush charges, planning is key in this step!

Keep in mind that there are several administrative steps that must be taken before any design work actually begins (initial inquiry form, proposal, contract, invoice, design questionnaire) and must be accounted for in the overall timeline.  This timeline is also an idealistic scenario. I understand that not all engagements will accommodate starting this process 12 months before the wedding. I am more than happy to work with you to create a custom timeline, in most cases without a rush fee. However, the suggested mailing times italicized within the descriptions above should not be pushed back any later as a courtesy to your guests and their busy schedules.

Save The Date

Save the Dates announce your wedding date and location to your guests. They can range from simple post cards to elaborate mailings. They should be sent 6-8 months before your wedding (maybe sooner if it’s a destination).


Invitations tell the story – who, what, when, where – and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and printing methods. They should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding (again, maybe longer if it’s a destination).


Envelopes protect all the items in your suite. For an extra touch of elegance, add an inner envelope, a liner, a printed return address and/or a printed mailing address. Remember that square envelopes require extra postage.

Reply Card

Reply Cards help you know how many guests to expect. You may ask guests to indicate meal choices or dietary restrictions. They come in a variety of forms and they should always be
pre-addressed and pre-stamped.

Return Address Printing

Return Addresses are printed on the back flap of your outermost envelope. They typically match the style of your invitations to create a cohesive, branded look.

Mailing Address Printing

Mailing Addresses are printed on the front of your outermost envelope. They typically match the style of your invitations to create a cohesive, branded look. The addresses are extracted from an excel sheet that you provide.

Info Cards

Info cards are for any additional information you need your guests to know. They come in various sizes depending on the amount of info you have.

Envelope Liner

A fan favorite! A liner adds some extra pizzaz to the envelope. They can be a solid or printed with elements from the suite. 


Belly bands, die cut tags, vellum jackets, and other custom pieces are designed to hold all your paper pretties in place with style.

Pocket Folder

A pocket folder keeps the pieces of your suite organized. It mounts the invitation on one side and tucks all your additional suite items into a pocket on the opposite side.

Panel Pocket

An alternative to a pocket folder, a panel pocket mounts your invitation to the front and tucks all your additional suite items into a slot on the back.

Wax Seal

Wax seals come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can make use of custom designs. They can be hand poured or in sticker form. 

How much does it cost?
This is the most frequently asked question and the hardest to answer. Because each wedding is different, there is no set answer. I will happily create a personalized quote if you fill out the form below. To get a general idea, however, you can expect to pay at least $1,000 for a quantity of 100 digitally printed invitation suites.
How long does it take?
The custom wedding invitation process takes about 8 weeks from the time you pay your initial retainer (including proofing, printing, and assembly). This process can take more or less time depending on how quick you complete your homework, respond to proofs, etc. Your order may be eligible for an abbreviated timeline, for a fee, depending on current workload.
How many invitations should I order?
Remember that you do not need an invitation for each guest. You should plan to order one invitation per household (although proper etiquette says that “children” over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation, even if they live with their parents). A few extra should be ordered for those last minute additions, a few to hold on to for keepsakes, and at least one to give to your photographer so they can be captured on the day of the wedding.
Will my invitations come assembled?
Yes and no. Some pieces of your order (like envelope liners) will come pre-assembled. Other pieces (like bellybands or wax seals) will require assembly on your part. The pieces of your suite will come individually packaged and will require you to put them together before sending. If you prefer your invites to come fully assembled, it can be added as an upgrade.
Can you mail my invitations for me?
Yes! You will be required to add on the assembly upgrade and printed addressing, but we can put together, stuff, stamp, seal and send your invitations for you.
Can you also handle my day-of items?
Yes, of course! I’ll be happy to create just about any coordinating stationery you might want for your wedding (think programs, menus, table numbers, etc). And don’t forget about the thank-you notes! Day-of items are quoted separately from invitations because they are done much later in the process.

Ready to take the next step?

Fill out this form! If you don’t get an email response within a few business hours, check your junk folder.