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Handprint Sunflowers

Posted on May 1, 2021

This project is so cute and goes right along with April showers bring May flowers. It’s the perfect way to add some florals and color in your home without having to remember to water anything! 😉


  • Yellow, brown, and green construction paper
  • Brown marker
  • Green marker 
  • Jumbo popsicle stick
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • Glue

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Step 1: Gather and ready your materials

If your popsicle stick didn’t come green, grab your marker and go ahead and color it green.

Step 2: Trace your hands

You want at least 5 handprints, but you can add more depending on how full you want your flower to be

place your heart on the canvas
place your heart on the canvas

Step 3: Glue your cutouts

You’ll want to glue a hand on the top of the stick first and then add from there

The handprints will overlap – try to do this in a circular shape.

Step 4: Make leaves 

Cut a rectangular strip off your green piece of paper and then fold it in half and cut a leaf shape. You can draw the leaf first if you’re more comfortable that way.

This should give you two leaves of the same size after you cut them out.

Step 5: Glue leaves

Glue the leaves near the bottom the popsicle stick.

Step 6: Cut out the center

Cut a rectangular strip of paper from your brown sheet like you did with the green.

Get a circular object to trace

Fold the piece in half and place the object on the edge to where it’s touching the crease

Trace the object and cut it out.

You want the side that was on the edge to still be attached so you can open and close the circle

Step 7: Draw seeds on the circle with a brown or black marker.

Step 8: Glue center

Glue this in the middle of the sunflower petals. 

Step 9: Once its glued, write a note to mom!

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