6 Ways to Wrap Your Invitation Suite

The invitation wrap is the final touch that ties your suite together – literally!  You couldddd haphazardly throw all your beautifully designed pieces in an envelope and be okay with them being jostled up in the mail, arriving at their destination looking disheveled and careless. OR you could choose one of the methods below to keep everything neat and intentional so your guests can unwrap the suite like the little present that it is. The wrap is one of the hardest working upgrades because not only does it serve the very real purpose of locking everything down, it’s also one of the first things that gets seen as it sits proudly atop the stack. It’s prime real estate for a first impression! Below we’ll explore some options that give form AND function to the invitation wrap.


Vellum is a delicate, semi-translucent paper.  When used as a jacket, it fully encloses the suite but still allows a glimpse of the design through the paper. The vellum jacket can be custom printed with designs, text, or patterns that complement your wedding’s theme and style. Many times it is used in conjunction with a wax seal to hold the flaps closed and add yet another layer of design.


Another popular way to bind your suite is with ribbon. Not only is it beautiful, but the texture can create a tactile experience for the opener. Ribbon comes in a variety of colors, textures, and styles to fit every situation. Hand-dyed silk ribbon can add a delicate romance to any suite. Chiffon, with its frayed edges and slight transparency lends itself to an organic, almost ethereal vibe. Velvet gets major points for texture and is perfect for fall/winter weddings. Keep in mind that knots with thicker ribbon can create a bulk that may require your envelope to have a “nonmachinable surcharge” added.


If you’re looking for a minimalistic way to hold your invitations together, consider using thread,  twine, or string. A delicate thread wrapped several times around the suite and knotted in the back can give a super modern feel whereas twine or jute tied in a little bow on the front can be perfect for a rustic event.


A bellyband is a thin strip of paper or cardstock that wraps around your invitation and holds all of your elements tightly in place! While they can be plain, bellybands really shine when they are customized. They can be printed with your monogram or other aspects of your design, they can utilize different paper types like vellum or cardstock, they can be fastened with a wax seal or even utilize a custom shape. The options are really limitless when it comes to this type of wrap.


A wrap taking the form of a custom shape allows you to break away from what’s expected and create a visual focal point right out of the envelope. You can utilize layered shapes to bring dimension, you can have a custom edged bellyband, or you can combine shapes with printed designs to really blow your guests away.


While wax seals are not technically a wrap in and of themselves, they can play a big role in the wrap game as they are used in place of glue or tape to fasten the two ends of your wrap together. Wax seals come in a variety of colors, shapes, and can even have a custom design that adds another level of personalization to your suite. They can either come pre-made with an adhesive sticker on the back for easy DIY assembly or they can be custom poured right on each invitation for a more organic look.

With so many wrap choices, how do you choose the best method for your suite?

Now that we’ve explored the various wrapping methods for your invitation suite, it’s time to choose the best option for YOU. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Wedding theme and style – your invitation should reflect your aesthetic preferences and set the tone for the big day! If you’re going for modern simplicity, you probably should stay aways from materials like jute or leather and opt instead for a delicate thread.
  • Formality – what level of formality do you want to convey through your invitations? If your wedding is black tie, you may choose to stick to classic black and white for your invitations as well. In this case, you probably wouldn’t want a bright colored bellyband, but may opt for a black silk ribbon or a vellum jacket with a black wax seal!

Personalization – think about how each method allows for customization. If you have a custom watercolor crest that you want to be the first thing guests see, you might consider a layered bellyband where the top piece can be printed in full color, instead of something like a wax seal where tiny details are sacrificed as size scales down.

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