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Unicorn Succulent Planter

Posted on March 1, 2021

This project is perfect for kids who are a little bit older and have the ability to (hopefully) not make a huge mess! It’s a super cute project that can brighten up anyone’s day in a short amount of time. 


  • Canvas
  • Mini terracotta pot/planter
  • White paint
  • Pink paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black paint pen or permanent maker
  • Scissors 
  • Small fabric or paper flowers
  • Paint brush
  • Gold glitter cardstock
  • Succulent plant and soil

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Step 1: Gather and ready your materials

Having all of your materials in one place from the start will help your craft progress smoothly.

Step 2: Begin painting your pot

You want to make sure to cover the entirety of the outside of the pot and pretty far into the inside. Just make sure you won’t be able to see the brown at all after your plant is in there.

You will have to paint a couple of coats on this to make it completely white. Make sure to let it completely dry between each coat.

place your heart on the canvas
place your heart on the canvas

Step 3: Cut the cardstock

Draw and cutout leaves for your flowers on the green cardstock.

Draw and cutout a triangle big enough to be your unicorn’s horn with the gold cardstock.


Step 4: Give the unicorn a face

Draw on the eyes with a paint pen or permanent marker.

Use your paint brush in light pink paint and evenly space out cheeks on the unicorn

Step 5: Glue

Glue the horn onto the outside of the pot with the point facing up.

Glue the leaves and flowers onto the front top of the pot underneath the horn.

Step 6: Plant!

Place some rocks in the bottom of your pot so the water will be able to drain when you water your plant.

Add soil on top of the rocks and then plant your succulent or plant of your choice.

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