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Chick + Bunny VaseS

Posted on April 1, 2021

This project is perfect to add a little bit of spring without spending a lot of money or time doing it! Super cute and great for kiddos of any age. You can gather the flowers from your yard and use them all season long!


  • Paint (white + pink or yellow + orange depending on which animal, black)
  • Vase or mason jar
  • Larger paint brush
  • Small paint brush for details
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Flowers (hopefully you can find some outside your house!)

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Step 1: Gather and ready your materials

After you’ve decided which animal you want to make, make sure you have that paint nearby and ready to go. Or, if you want to make both, decide which one you’ll be making first.

It’s also a good idea to have your flowers already cut and ready to go in your finished project!

Step 2: Paint your vase/jar

If you are making a chick, paint it yellow. If you are making a bunny, paint it white. You will want to use a bigger paintbrush for this part.

You will want to paint it layer by layer and give each layer time to dry before going on to the next one. This will help the paint to dry thicker and for it to look better overall.

For the chick, we painted a base of white first and then started with coats of yellow.

place your heart on the canvas
place your heart on the canvas
place your heart on the canvas

Step 3: Grab your twine

Unravel a good bit and hot glue an end near the top of your vase/jar. After one end is hot glued, begin wrapping more twine around the top. You can keep it uniform and in rows or you can keep it looser and overlap the pieces – it’s up to you!

When your twine looks like you want, cut it and glue it at almost the same place you started.

Step 4: Grab your small paintbrush

Now it’s time to paint the facial details. You’ll start by painting the eyes with the black paint. These will be oval shapes. Start small with one and begin making it the shape you want. Once you think that one is good, start on the other one. Remember that you can add more paint, but it’s more difficult to take away or cover up.

Once your eyes are done, wash out your paintbrush and dry it. Then put some white paint on it and add small circles of it to the inner corners of the eyes.

Wash your brush out again and put the color of the nose on it. You want the nose to be a little ways down and centered below the eyes.

If you’re making bunny, wash out your small brush one last time, dip it in some black paint, and add 3 whiskers on each side of the nose


Step 5: Flower time

Once everything is dry, add your flowers of  choice for a completed project!


Tips & Tricks

It was helpful to have the paint on a paper plate for easy access and no mess!


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